The Ancient name for Sri Lanka,     1972 AD
Ceylon(English) 1796 AD
Ceilon(Dutch) 1656 AD
Cilao(Portuguese) 1505 AD
Pa-outchow(Chinese) 1407 AD
Ilankai(Thamil) 1284 AD
Serendib(Arabic) 0622 AD
Lakdiva(Sinhala) 0307 BC
Taprobane(Greek) 0336 BC
Sihala(Pali) 0543 BC
Lanka(Sanskrit) 5114 BC

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

LakdivaCoins Collection: Images and details from 300 BC

Sakwala Chakraya: An ancient "Map of the Universe" from Lanka

Short History of Lanka: by H. W. Codrington.

Mahavamsa : 6th Century AD.

Rare books on Ceylon online.

19th Century Ceylon: Articles online.

Searching for Ceylon in USA

In the Sunday Times of Lanka since 2002

Depreciation of the Sri Lanka Rupee


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