Transit of Venus Across the Sun
2004 June 8th 3rd and 4th contact
Altitude 73°-69°

Kavan Ratnatunga, Luxor, Egypt

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The Sun being at a high 70° altitude in Luxor Egypt around the end of the transit the black drop effect is not visible in this sequence of images.

Images taken with the CMU 3.5 inch Questa Telescope with Full solar Filter using a TOPCON SLR Film camera attached to eyepiece mount to enable Barlow which gave about 2.7 times magnification. Two of the photographs in sequence just before 3rd contact were taken without Barlow and scaled up by eye estimate to size. One millisecond exposures on Kodak 35mm 100 ASA negative film scanned at about 1000 dpi and images displayed on webpage at 200%. The First roll of Film was developed in Egypt and the roll of negatives was scanned in USA. There are a few small scratches on some of the frames before 3rd contact. Time of Exposure not recorded and not equally spaced. There is a larger time gap just after 3rd contact when I needed to reload.

See also main observational report and images taken close to start of Transit between 1st and 2nd contact. These were however taken without the Barlow through the primary focus mount of the Questa.