Lost Wallet - 2012 August 29

The identity verification for an Airline E-ticket is the credit card you purchased your ticket. So one needs it at the time of checking in.

Three days before the flight I had just got into the 20:35 train from Maradana railway station after a National Trust Meeting when realised that I had left my backpack at the meeting hall. I rushed out and on my way out of the station realised I did not have my wallet with me. I thought I may have dropped it when I was getting out of the trishaw after paying that fare. Looked on the road, asked some persons on the road if anyone had found a wallet with no luck. Asked a Police man and he just looked at me and said "this is Maradana". I went back to train station asked at counter, Station Masters office and gave up any hope. I phoned Devika and she said that she had found my backpack which was with her, and she was having dinner at the Urban Kitchen. So without any cash, I caught a Trishaw, picked up my backpack. borrowed some money and caught a bus home. I phoned HSBC put a stop order on my credit cards. There was insufficient time to get a new one before leaving. They said I could remove the block if I found cards within 24 hours.

Phoned Prasad who went with me to train station, in case I had dropped it while rushing out of train to ask if he had seen it. He said that he had moved to compartment closer to back of train and he had overheard a conversation that someone had found a wallet. Another person had seen it being picked up and was telling everyone. So that person was obliged to give it to the guard on the train. I rushed to the Mount Lavina train station and they phoned the Kaluthara South train Station. They said they will find out and for me to call back. When I did, they said the train was returning but it would stop only at Dehiwala at 10:40 PM. I caught a trishaw and was there in time. I rushed to the Guard as the Train pulled in and he gave me back my wallet, I checked that my credit cards and ID was in it and I gave him a reward. I didn't worry that most of the cash had been removed leaving just a Rs20. It was truly luck to get my Credit Cards back. I was able to reactivate them in time for the trip.

I was truly very lucky to get my wallet back.