Mark of Victory


Mark of Victory

The War Memorial was opened
on 2009 December 9th

The Mark of Victory was inscribed in Sinhala, Tamil and English, on two very large granite slabs, which had stood at the entrance to the monument.

A smaller slab with names of officers in only English remains behind the memorial.

In 2012 March, the large slabs, each which was over 10 feet high were conspicuously missing, reflecting the rift in the leadership that won the war. The two support bases was all that was left.

The monument which is the symbol of our great respect, was erected in our victorious land after eradicating terrorism completely from the island. The guardians of the gods, who came from the four directions, brought this great victory to the Nation combing fearful forests during day and night and destroying all dreadful traps and walking through marshy lands and watter barriers, both in sun and rain ignoring all difficulties and obstacles and sacrificing the golden age of adolescence, their valuable lives and limbs. The pond symbolizes the great ocean around the island and the National flower lilies, which bloom in it, symbolize our immaculate Nation. The natural granite boulders laden as its base depicts our firm soil. The lions standing at the four corners of the base are to portray the warriors who came from multi directions to conquer and protect our motherland sacrificing their lives. They are immortally seems to be protecting the sovereign land from enemies, in the guise of lions. The jubilant soldier, who emerged from the ground holding a weapon symbolizes the heroic troops. The national flag reaching the sky depicts the emancipation and pride of the country, the pigeon taking wings symbolizes conspicuous peace to the nation.

MAY ALL BEING BE PROSPEROUS The Victory memorial is a tribute to the glorious Forces and to the state leadership by His Excellency The President Mahinda Rajapaksa Commander in Chief of Armed forces Who was born for the grace of the Nation, with the guidance and Co-ordination of the Secretary Defence Honorable Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the operational command and military leadership of the Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka; who led the military for the greatest victory through a humanitarian operation where terrorism was entirely eradicated from our motherland and restored its territorial integrity and the perpetuate peace
These heroic efforts were supported by rest of the Security Forces which defeated the illusion of a separate state within Sri Lanka which history has never witnessed destroying its cruel leader, subordinates and its bellicosity, whose lifestyles were opulent, while creating an evil society for the people of his own community and to the entire nation, forcing children into combat, killing democratically elected Tamil and other leader of the country and overseas, brutally massacring innocents of all communities thus pushing the country and nation into the darkest period of its time for nearly three decades which came to an end on the 19th of May 2009. This war memorial was unveiled to the Nation on 09 December 2009 in order on ???? fine event of greatest victory. The Golden Sun of the Peace of all the people, rose wiping out the darkness of the North and East.

Some of these images were published under the heading Fonseka: How they're rewriting history in Talk at the Cafe Spectator on the bottom of page two of the News Section in the SundayTimes of Sri Lanka on 2012 April 1st.

Although the Government changed on 2015 January 8th, I did not see the slabs put back when I visited a year later in 2016 January.